The Anti-Slavery Partnership model consists of a South West Regional Board and currently seven local ASPs that represent following police force areas: Avon and Somerset, Devon & Torbay, Gloucestershire, Swindon and Wiltshire, and Dorset, Plymouth, and Cornwall. 

This structure ensures that the ASP has a local, regional and national understanding of slavery and trafficking and an understanding of how each of these levels interact and inform each other. The localised partnerships involve agencies with a local responsibility for their communities and the people within them and the ASP allows and supports these partners to respond to localised issues. The regional board consists of the chairs of each partnership and those agencies who have a regional remit and a responsibility wider than one locality or area and feeds both into the local partnerships and to the national picture.

The Regional ASP Board meets once a quarter to assess threats, share good practice and learning, interface with the Home Office and discuss regional slavery trends and coordination of activity across the South West.

The seven localised ASPs also meet once a quarter and report their activity, progress and any issues into the regional board. 

Each local ASP oversees the work in its area including; Problem Profiling, local Forums, Champions Training, and any other agreed activities that have been identified. The way in which localised ASP activity is organised varies across the region and is not mandated by the regional board. Please refer to the local ASP pages on this website to learn more about the activity being undertaken in your local area.

The ASP model is managed by the ASP Coordinator, a role that is funded part-time by the partner agencies involved in the ASP.