The ASP model is a dynamic framework developed to promote and develop effective multi-agency partnership working across the South West region to bring human trafficking and modern slavery to an end.

The model consists of localised partnerships and overarching regional board.

The local partnerships represent agencies working within police force areas (Avon and Somerset, Devon and Cornwall, Gloucestershire, Swindon and Wiltshire and Dorset). The regional board consists of the chairs of each of the local partnerships and representatives from agencies with a South West remit. The ASP Coordinator provides administrative support to the partnerships and provides a conduit for information to flow between the local and regional boards.

The ASP has developed its strategy based around the government’s 4P Modern Slavery Strategy. The government’s strategy looks at how to Pursue prosecutions and methods to disrupt individuals and groups responsible for modern slavery, Prevent people from engaging in or facilitating modern slavery, Protect vulnerable people from exploitation and Prepare frontline professionals to identify and support victims.

The ASP looks to support this strategy throughout the South West of England in a number of ways. These include raising awareness and providing training to organisations involved in the ASP as well as the facilitation of the sharing of information and intelligence between organisations to enable a joined up approach to disrupting and prosecuting perpetrators and to assisting victims. We aim to provide a platform to enable multi agency strategic thinking across the South West region in line with this strategy and each of the ASPs assess the work they are doing against this strategy quarterly.

We are fully aware that slavery and trafficking respects no territorial boundaries and the model has been developed to ensure effective sharing of information, best practice and a comprehensive, cohesive and united response to slavery across the region.