The ASP model suggests there are three main areas of activity partners should engage with to meet ASP aims of supporting victims, disrupting criminal activity and prosecuting perpetrators.

Problem Profiling

Problem profiling aims to better understand the arenas in which slavery occurs in order to disrupt the activities of trafficking and slavery. We do this by working collaboratively with a range of agencies to visit these premises in order to offer support to potential victims and to gain vital information about potential perpetrators.

Local Forums

Local Forums bring together local NGOs, community and faith groups, social care and health practitioners who may already support victims of trafficking and slavery in their day-to-day work. These Forums share local trends in trafficking and slavery, share information and resources, and enable frontline staff to spot the signs of modern slavery and know what to do if they encounter victims.

Champions Training

This is a short training session offered to associated partnerships and their members. The sessions aim to provide an introduction to human trafficking and modern slavery, for identified organisational ‘Champions’ who will in turn be expected to deliver this training internally and be a contact point for the ASP within their own organisation. This process assures that there are dedicated individuals within a range of organisations who understand the issues and can be a resource for their own agency. Each partnership is assisted to develop and deliver the package according to the specific issues faced in their local area.